Would you use a lawnmower to trim your beard? The right tool makes the difference between a great or mediocre result. Sometimes, using the wrong tool is dangerous.

Colored Screwdriver handles arranged in a row.

Get the Right Tool


Many home repair and remodeling projects require you to keep square corners square. A square corner has a 90-degree angle. A perfect square or rectangle has four corners that each measure 90 degrees. If the corner angles shift away from 90 degrees, the shape becomes a parallelogram.

Side-by-Side picture frames show that one out of square looks odd and picture or photo won't display properly.

Out of Square Picture Frame

Photo by Christina Duart

Remember wondering why you had to learn geometry in school? This is a trick that carpenters and other trades use to make just about any layout square. You can use this to position perfect garden beds, lay out the posts for a deck, or anything else that needs right-angle corners.

A right triangle with sides of 3,4, and 5

A 3-4-5 Right Triangle

Image by MJ Logan