Willy under my coat on his second trip to the marsh. Eleven weeks old Black Lab Puppy

The Smartest Dog I Ever Knew

A head shot of Willy wearing his read collar at the Family Cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Pine walls in the background.

All about Willy. A little bit about me too. Though I was a dog lover all my life, Willy forever changed how I think about dogs and animals in general and the way they think, love, and feel.

Be Prepared for Anything

Emergency Supplies—flashlight, canned food, bottled water, first aid, radio, and more

It’s not just a first aid fit or a case of bottled water. It’s being ready for the worst with a plan that you hope you’ll never have to put into motion. Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes or Severe Storms, be ready for anything.

Living Frugal—A Better Life

Assorted coins, most from the USA. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters. A few dollar bills.

It’s amazing how one small change in your life can add up fast to save time and money. Forget penny pinching and coupong hunting. Be smart about your purchases and how you spend your time to live better and enjoy life more.

Tips & Tricks for Everyday

Vertical Tally Hash Marks in Groups of Four with a Fifth Diagonal Slash to make counting by fives easy.

Funny how you learn something and never think of it as a trick or a hack. People use alegebra and geometry every day and never realize they are using it. Put your knowledge to work and life become simpler.

DIY Home

A string of fairy lights surrounds an old map of the earth that was divided into three sections and mounted to poster board before hanging on a wall

Whether baking, gardening, artistic crafts, or fixing something broken, the end of the project brings satisfaction that only doing it yourself can provide. Put on your DIY hat and come along for projects that aren’t hard but might be more fun than expected.