This home with a Generac 24kW Home Generator has Power During an Outage While the Other Homes in the Neighborhood are Dark. A Generac Home Generator Works Automatically the Moment the Power Goes Out.

Generac 24kW Pushes the Limit on Air-Cooled Standby Generators

A 24kW Air-Cooled Generator. Did anyone think it was possible? Apparently, Generac believed and stepped up to the plate. The same 999 cc engine that powers the 20kW and 22kW provides enough power for the 24kW Generac Guardian. Sold in two models, the 7210 comes with the new PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch, the first ATS with Generac’s Home Energy Management System. The Generac 7209 is a stand-alone model without the transfer switch.

The Home Energy Management System and the PWRview Mobile App make this product worthy of a double thumbs up.

The PWRview transfer switch provides similar power management capability as previous models, but with the added benefit of monitoring home energy use through the PWRview app. Home energy management enables energy conscious homeowners to monitor power use and change the way they use electrical power. A potential 20 percent reduction in energy use could lower annual energy costs enough to recoup purchase costs over the life of the generator.

The Generac 24kW Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch and PWRView Smart Phone App

The Generac Guardian 24kW Home Generator with 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch and the PWRview Mobile App to view your home’s energy use in real time, helping you manage your energy use and costs.

Generac 24kW Generator for Home or Business

Update: In late 2021, Generac announced the 26kw Generac Guardian Generator, the most powerful air-cooled generator in the Guardian Series to date. 

Six years ago, Generac introduced the 22kW as the most powerful air-cooled standby generator. It didn’t take long for the 7043 to become the best-selling generator nationwide. Homeowners and businesses have another option for more backup power without turning to more expensive liquid cooled models that use more fuel, require more space, and cost thousands more to install.

The 24kW Generac raises the bar even higher. It has the same footprint as the 16kW and meets the same NFPA requirements for 18-inch to home installation1. Using up to 70 percent less space than comparable liquid-cooled generators and a 50 percent smaller footprint, the Generac 24kW is a perfect fit for small backyards with tight lot lines.

Larger homes that might otherwise require a commercial generator can look to the 24kW for savings on space and cost. Purchase and installation can save over 8000 dollars versus a comparable liquid-cooled model. Savings include a lower purchase cost, equipment use, and labor. No crane needed for positioning. The 24kW generator does not require a poured concrete pad1 and sits directly on the included base.  Less landscaping repair and trenching combined with overall lower site preparation costs for gas lines and wiring.

Businesses also enjoy the same cost and space savings, with the added benefit of up to 4kW additional power over competing generators.

24kW Generac Guardian Features and Benefits

Generac included the same great features on the 24kW Generator as other Generac Guardian Generator models like the Aluminum enclosure and standard installation details to reduce installation costs.

The 999 cc G-Force 1000-Series Engine has plateau honed cylinder walls and plasma moly rings to reduce operating temperature. A fully pressurized lubrication system for better performance and less maintenance. Low-oil-pressure shutdown prevents engine loss if the oil level drops. Cast-iron “Spiny-Lock” cylinder heads add rigidity and durability for long engine life.

Low-Speed Quiet Test reduces noise during exercise cycles to 57 dBA. User selectable exercise cycle runs weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for five minutes. Exercise lubricates the engine, ensures fast starts, and runs a self-test to detect any issues.

Mobile Link WiFi Connectivity included for remote generator monitoring. Receive generator status and notifications on your mobile device or computer. Schedule dealer maintenance and view generator logs. Connect with your local service provider and let them worry about maintaining your generator.

Generac Guardian Generators are made in Whitewater, Wisconsin. A really big plus is Generac’s USA-based Customer Call Center located just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, near their corporate headquarters. Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take calls, answer questions, and solve problems.

Guardian Generators including the 24kW models include NEC required shutdown switches, the only air-cooled generators to implement the 2017 code requirement.

The Generac 7210 and 7209 Standby Generators produce 24kW continuous power on LP (propane) and 21kW on Natural Gas.

1 Subject to local building codes.